This unique yarn is made out of the left overs in the production of T-shirts, with which you can knit or crochet. Since it is a "recycled" product it is not possible to get exactly the same material in future.
It’s pretty addictive and you get hoooked quickly since it lends itself to a whole range of products from macramé pot hangers, to hand bags, scarfs, plush toys, baskets, and even jewellery; hence the name repurposed.

You use 10 or 12 mm needles in most cases but the material can vary and smaller needles can come to use.

One spool weighs about 700-900 grams. Variations are due to the difference in weight and width of the materials.

This also means that there are wide differences in the length per ball from 100-130 meters (average 120m).

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