About Us

Benjamin's Crafts started in 1984 as "Armany Boyd" and was renamed in 2000 when the business changed direction from Wholesale to Retail, opening a bead shop in Inglewood Western Australia. We often get asked why the shop is called Benjamin and who he is. Benjamin is the son of the owner of the business.

Benjamin's Yarns was added in 2017 to reflect an new, yet related product stream.

In 2015 the business moved to Bayswater Light Industrial Area to focus on online sales, although you are welcome and browse our well layed out premises during our advertised hours. Although this website focuses on Yarns and related products, our store caters also for Beaders and Jewellery Makers. Additional products can be found at www.benjaminscrafts.com.au website.

Today our almost 400 square meter premises contain over 10,000 products and we are the only local bead store that is still run by the original owner.